Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Start of the Third Week

Monday 28th and Tuesdat 29th June

Waking up after trying to do that homework was hellish! I was soooo tried but I evetunally pulled myself together and got myself to school. So we started with Improvisation which was really funny we did this game called gameshow so there was four guests and host and each was an expert in a given field. So I was given amphibians so I chose to be Hamish Macdougall who was an expert in The Loch Ness monster. It was funny because some people didnt have a clue about who Nessie was. So after the crucial Scottish lesson we headed for Film and Tv basics. I was the director of photography for one of the scenes and this was interesting because I had to decide the shots and decide what camera was being used. It was acctually quite difficult because you had to make sure that each actors face was on screen. I love this class because you really get a sense of what it would be like on a set. After lunch we had stage combat and today we learned how to kick someone and kick them in the face! it was awesome! I a killing machine! We then moved onto lunch that went quick for a change we had to go into partners and massage our shoulders legs and arms it was really relaxing. So we came home to finish the damm homework for acting! it was acctually taking soooooo long eventually I just gave up and went to bed.
If I thought that Monday was hellish well getting up on tuesday was even worse! I just couldnt get up and I was so comfortable for a change! Starting with Commerical class today was good but we ran out of time before we got to me! but It was good to watch everyone else.
We then headed onto acting which I was dreading, we got into our pairs and went over our lines doing different actions and this then proved that I didnt really know my lines! I got through the class and we ended with wearing blindfolds touching peoples favourite objects it was a bit werid but I got through it. After lunch we had movements and we carried on exploring the viewpoints which was interesting because it is a werid sensation when other peoples movement effects your own movements. We then moved onto voice which was all about tounge twisters which I just couldnt do. So after class I was hanging around the school waiting for my audition for the proffessional programme. I think my audition went ok but you just never know Im just going to have to wait and see!
well I think thats all that really happened from the last couple of days nothing too exciting!
speak to you all soon!

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