Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday 21st June

After a nice and long sleep I woke up to start the second week of classes! I was rather excited because we were starting commerical class and I really enjoy this class because it is really fun and you learn so much at the same time! Todays task was to do a commerical where a voice over is present so you dont have any dialouge. This is called MOS- Minus Optical Sound. I found this exercise really funny! because what you had to do was =walk along the street and it was a terrfic day and you felt terrific! and then all of a sudden you didnt feel terrific and you wondered what it was then you realised it was a headache a bad headache! this was the script were given and they our teacher said was hilarous!!!!!!!! and so I am doing mine and at the end he said I did an amazing job and I didnt have to do another take! I was sooo pleased with myself!
When then all headed to acting class which I was dreading a little because I really didnt want to do our improvised scene that we had worked on the night before. We were lucky and we didnt get round to doing it so I pleased and slightly relieved!
After lunch we had movement, and we explored the 9 viewpoints a little more. Then in groups of 6 we went up and walked as if we were on a grid! This was funny! because I kept forgetting where the grid was!
We then had voice class which I have nothing interesting to report about! lol
After classes when then had a talk with officals from the school about the 2 and 3 year programmes, they just spoke about auditioning for the programmes and what we have to do for it. I am really undecided about whether im going to do it our not because I do really miss musical theatre and I am totally undiecded about and I can always audition in london next year but Ill see how I feel tomorrow to see if my decision has been made!
I then went further into brooklyn to a shop called bath and body works, its like the american body shop! I love it! I got 3 body sprays and they all smell yummy! so that is my treat for this week!
Just heading to bed now so Ill wrap this up!

Speak to you all soon!

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