Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Couple of Days!

Hi Everyone!

So for you guys that don't know me my name is Jennifer Watt, I am 22 from Glasgow Scotland. This blog is like a journal of my time in New York studying at The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. I am on their summer in the city programme studying acting for tv and film.

It is all very exciting.

Ok where will I start......Well I will start with arriving in Brooklyn. I get a taxi from the airport which was far too expensive! It is totally roasting outside and I am sweating like a beast! I looked a mess. I get my room key and a lovely young man helps me to my room which is 953. Oh I should probably tell you all where I am staying, The St Geogres Residience. It used to be a hotel. It is really very nice! So when I first came in it looked a littler grim. I saw two beds, two desks, two beside cabinets and a large fridge freezer we also have a bathroom. It is acctually nice it just looked really bear but when I unpacked it looked better.
We all then headed over to manhattan on the subway which was a little daunting. I mean its not like the underground in london which I thought it would be because they have a list of the stops on the wall just the desination so you dont know which direction you are travelling in. This is really off putting and I have got on the wrong train about 4 times already!
We reached the school and it looked amazing! all the studions were very modern and had all the up to date equipment which was very exciting to me. We then split up into to groups to do our monolouges to decide what group we would be in. The other students were excellant and it made me feel proud that they considered me at the same level. It was also excellant to meet the other students they are an awesome buch of people and are mostly americans but there is english, irish, german and argentine students too.
So the next day class began. We have 7 classes= movement, voice, film and tv basics, comerical basics, improvisations, acting and stage combat. They are all very different and some of it I have never done before. Stage combat is my favourite so far, we learned how to roll properly the other day and I felt like the new james bond!
I really like my other classmates they are very supportive and I cant wait to get to know them more!
Well it is now very late and I better get some much needed sleep,
I will fill in more detail tomorrow about what happens in class.
Hope your all well



  1. Hi Jen
    So glad that you have arrived safely - really really proud of what you're doing. Sending you lots of love!!!

  2. hi carole!
    thank you so much! I am totally loving it! xxxx