Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Second Weekend in the Big Apple

Saturday 26th and Sunday the 27th June

Hello everyone sorry it has taken me ages to write my advenutres since Friday I have had loads of homework that I had to do for acting! Totally swapped!
So our plan on Saturday was to go and get student rush tickets for Promises, Promise but by the time we get to the theatre they had none left but we were told to come back tomorrow for 12pm and we will be able to get them. We were near Times square so we headed down there and came across the most amazing shop in the world, Forever 21. It is huge it has four floors and is like primark but the clothes are at H&M standards! I think we spent about an hour in half in there! I didnt buy anything because I am being sensible and seeing what my finances are like before I go mental! but there some proper nice stuff! I just wanted the whole accessory section! Once Mimi and Liza had made their purchases we headed to the Starbucks and I got a mocha frappucino which I am totally obessed with! Liza then met up with people from her class and we headed up to Central Park to meet Maria, Cassy and Evann. Once we got there we just went mental taking loads of pictures and fooling around! Once the fashion shoot was over Cassy took us to this cafe called Alice's Teacup. It was a themed alice in wonderland cafe which was amazing inside! I had the apple and cinamon tea with a chocolate and cranberry scone and a blueberry and lemon scone. It was all so yummy! and I got a whole tea pot to myself. After our yummy tea we headed to back to times square. We headed to Victoria Secrets and went along 34th street. It got to a point that our feet were so tried we couldnt take anymore and headed for the subway!
Once back in the dorms we just watched some tv and headed to bed.
On sunday me and Liza got up super early to make sure we were in the ticket cue for Promises, Promises to guarentee tickets! With our ticket purchased we met up with Liza's brother and headed for something to eat. We went into a really nice pizza place and stuffed our face! After lunch I headed off to explore while Liza took her brother on a tour. So when I exploring I came across a really cool shop which I cannot state on here because a certain someone will read this and know what I got him! by the time I had wondered around in this shop it was time to head back to the theatre to meet liza. Well the show was amazing! The opening sequence was really well done, it was the overture playing then dancers appearing in spots dancing in a 1940's style. The customers were so colourful and everyone on the stage had excellant energy. Sean Hayes a.k.a jack from will and grace was really funny and suprisley had a good voice. I think the music could have been better but the story,acting, dancing and singing were song so I could easliy forgive that. Then Kristin stepped on stage! I was like yesssssss! she was really good in this show but the role didnt stretch her but I dont think she was aiming for that. So I waitin at the stage door thinking I need to get this autograph now! and I can hear a scream so I know she is out so I just my way up to the front and was like can you sign this for me! she is tiny I think she is smaller than me! I really wanted a picture but I think that would have been pushing it!
Walking away content with my autograph I headed back to the subway to go home and start my hellish homework!
That homework took so long and I got to a point when I didnt know what I was writing and all the words were blurry, but eventually I got it done and headed for a much needed sleep!
So that was my second weekend all done and dusted! I cant believe I have been here for two weeks now it has went in so quick and I don't really want to come home well I do to see everyone! but I could live in New York forever. I dont think my mum wants to hear that!
I truly heart NY!

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