Saturday, June 26, 2010

So here has was happened since wednesday!

Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th.

Hello everyone, sorry I havent updated this for this for 3 days I have been super busy with lots of homework I had to do for acting class. Right well lets start with Wednesday. So we had commerical class first today we were doing a telephone network commerical. What we had to do was using MOS(minus opticial sound) we had to come from a hard first day at a new job and your appartment still wasnt unpacked, so you were tried looked around thinking oh no look at this and then the phone would ring, you were to say hello? oh hello mum. I think mine was ok but there was definitley some better than mine!
We then moved onto acting. In class today me and Matt had to get up and perform our improvisation using the relationship we had explored in our homework and pick an activity we could do at our setting of the Brooklyn promenade. So I was kinda dreading this a little bit because I didnt want it to turn out cringe! so we did our scene and our activity was eating apples and drinking some juice. Carol I think liked it because she said that my intention was clear and that she really liked the activity so that made me feel a little better about it. We then went and had lunch.
After lunch we had movement and this time we were exploring floor pattern, duration and spacial relationships from the 9 viewpoints. So what we did was in small groups we went up and walked around the room as if we were on a grid, we had to explore our speed but walking at our fastest and then walking at our slowest. This was an interesting class I enjoyed it.
We then went onto voice. This class on wednesday was hard for me because we exercising our tounges and using the middle of tounge to stretch it all the way down to the root. We had to place the tip of our tounge against our bottom teeth then using the middle of our tounge stretch it out! After a will this exercise made me feel really sick and sarah, our teacher, said that this is because with my accent I use the back of my tounge a lot and stretching it like that makes me think I am going to be sick, so it was fair to say that this class was pleasent for me today!
After class we went around to the drama bookshop because we had to read two plays for acting class by wednesday. We them email to us so I just printed out one of them to read and then borrowed mimi's. This shop was amazing! I think they had nearly every play in the world in that shop! Ill be definitly going back there!
Ok now onto to thursday, Our first class today was improvisation we started with our usual warm up of playing word ball and wooossssh! We then went up in pairs and we had to desribe and use the where. My scene was we were in a car show room and mimi was my partner. I think we did ok but tom, our teacher, said we didnt use our where enough which I do think was true.
We then had film and tv basics and it was mine and autumns turn to do our scene. So we had rehearsed our scene but we then had a director who would decided what he felt was right. The process did feel a little long but it was only because the director of photography has to work out the camera shots, what camera is being used and when do the cameras change. It was interesting watching it back and to see if all come together.
We then had our lunch.
After lunch we had stage combat. This is by far my favourite class. Today we learned how to do a proper cartwheel, but before that we did some intensive stretches. These were extermely painful but they were safe and there no way that we could hurt ourselves. One stretch was we were sitting on the floor with the bottom of our feet touching then when you breath out your partner would push your knees to the ground. When you got the point you couldnt go any more you would slowly count to 10 then release. It was agony! but I did learn how to cartwheel properly!
Our last class was voice and it was more work with the tounge but this time I didnt feel sick!
That night I was reading like a madman because I had to get both plays finished by friday! I also had to write a biography on each playwright and a paragraph on what I learned in class. So it was fair to say all my brain wanted was sleep when I was done.
Friday came and our first class was commerical. This time our task was quaker oats, oatmeal. We had to go up in a couple boy and girl and act out a breakfast scene in your new home. It was going to have no sound but you were to speak to make it look real. Well me and victor went up and I think we were pretty rubbish! I just wanted to laugh the whole time! but it was fun watching everyones tape back!
It was acting straight after commerical class and we had a test to sit about one of the plays. I thought I knew the play turns out no! I didnt no the answer to the first question! but as it went along I did know some of the answers. So after that we were giving a piece of text and carol was going to teach us how to memorise it properly without us planning how were going to see say it and with no intention! I was feeling really tried and since we were just sitting listening I could feel myself drifting off so throughout the whole class I batteling to stay awake. But thankfully we got on our feet and I woken up! We then got blind folded but carol wants us to explore our senses with was werid but it was amazing how you knew where you were going in the room because of your memory.
After lunch we movement. This time we were exploring gesture and shape. This was a good class because we got to make up different shapes with our bodies and then put them all together in one big shape which looked amazing!
It was then onto voice class and this sarah was showing us another way how to memorise. Her method was to use your spine but going into a cat position then rounding your spine. It was interesting to try out both methods and to see which one worked better.
Last night me, cassy, mimi and autumn went shopping along 34th street. We went into H&M, forever 21 and victoria secrets and finished with a very nice starbucks. I had a moch frappicino which is a cold one and it was amazing! I think I might be addictived!
Well today Im hoping to get a ticket to see promises promises. Ill write about it tonight if I am successful!

Speak to you all soon!

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