Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday 16th June

This morning was a real struggle to get up! I am sooooo exhausted but I think that its a good thing because it shows that the course is working me hard.
We left later this morning to get the subway because we arrive at school way to early yesterday.
The first class today was improvisation. This is class is so much fun because your imagination can go wild! We started with the sound ball which is an invisble ball that we throw towards each other creating different sounds. We then change it to word ball and movie ball. I love this because it makes you think really of your feet and be creative with your sounds. When then went up in pairs to create different scenes, my setting was a camp fire and I went up with Emel. It was funny because Emel created that she was afraid of fire. It was hard to create something from nothing. When then did tag out, this is two people start a scene then at the righ point you tag someone out using their last line to create a new scene.

Next class was film and tv basics, This class was really good because we got given the task of picking a scene that we would then go onto film. I picked a scene from boys on the side and Autumn is my partner. After we chose our pieces Todd, our teacher, then went onto teach us a system of how to create a character quickly using the personaitly map system. It was really interesting to see how effective this was.

For lunch we went to a little cafe and I had a huge slice of pizza! it was amazing!
We then went onto stage combat which was so fun! we learnt a sequence which was like struggling with my hands behind my back then elbowing my partner in the stomach then running in a circle with them then throwing them on their back! it was sooo much fun! I felt like a proper action hero! I am totally the next Lara Croft!

The last class of the day was voice and this time we concerntrated on our breathing, breathing from down in our stomachs. We had to be relaxed for this to happen and to feel a release. We then lay on the floor and felt our stomachs properly expanding with our breath. I was so relaxed I felt like I was coming in and out of sleep.

After class we head straight for the subway which was very busy! but I got on the right side which was a result!
Got in and made some dinner, baked potatoe and cheese was nice filled a hole!
Right I am just about to complete my acting homework with my partner matt. We have to come up with three intentions but dont tell each other and see what one works best then we need to show class our most successful one! kinda not looking forward to it but oh well it has to be done!

Well that concludes my entry for today!

Speak to you all soon!
Missing everyone!


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