Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday 20th June

Hi everyone!, I know im writing this on monday but I came in last night and totally passed out! I was sooo tried from all the walking I did!

Well I woke up at about 10am so that was a long lie for me, so I thought I better do some washing because my dirty washing was piling up! so I went and did that and it turns out it is very quick but very expensive! so I am restricting washing to once and week and I will be pushing it in!

When my washing was done I thought I would head into Manahattan to see if I could find the New Museum! Paul instructed me that I should go and I should have a look at the young designers market. So I started my walk down from 7th avenue and I had to get to 3rd. It was soooo hot yesterday and I was soooo sweaty by the time I reached 3rd avenue! (you all probably didnt wan to know that hehehe) I then walked along to Bowery where the museum was. It looked amazing from the outside! It looks like 4 silver boxes on top of each other but sticking out at the sides! It just looks unreal! Two floors were closed so it was only $4 to get in which was a good result. You go up the floors by this huge lift so I headed up to the 2nd floor. I usually dont like contemporary art but there was some really nice and clever work inside. My favourite was this piece called the giant I cant remember who the artist was, it was huge! it was like the size of the room and it had holes in it made of mirrors! it was so cool! The piece I found a little disturbing was called all and yet again I cant remember the name of the artist, it was like white body bags with bodies inside! but you couldnt see the bodies just the outline against the bag! it was really strange but effective!
After I wondered around that level I headed up the observation deck which looked out onto the whole of manhattan it looked really stunning, you could see all the way over to brooklyn!
Once I was finished in the gallery I headed off to find the market! it was acctually really easy to find and had some amazing stuff inside! I bought myself a karp necklace in a japanese style! it is super nice!!
After having a look around and wanting buy pretty much everything I headed back to the subway. By this point it was soooo hot and I kept walking back thinking I would get back to 7th Avenue but I didnt I just came across more streets! but eventually I made it back!
Since I had walked about for a while I felt so tried and relieved I had made it back to the dorms!
A small group of us decided to go over our voice warm up in a small park that is near the dorms which was nice and relaxing, afterward me and matt started our acting homework! arghhhhh it was such a headache and took too long! but we got it down in the end!
So after a long day of advenuture I headed to bed!

Speak to you all soon!


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