Saturday, July 3, 2010

The rest of the third week

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Hello everyone sorry I havent written the last part of the week up Ive been a tad busy!
Ok so Wednesday came around and we started off with improvisation class. We started with the usual came of whoosh! and then moved on scenes! In the scenes we had to establish the where and make it come alive! This was a little challenging but we all managed it! It was then onto film and tv basics where filmed the last scene! and then Todd taught us about voice overs! this was really fun to do because we were doing examples from the radio! The first one was for a telephone company and the second one was for chocolate covered cheesecake bites! it was really funny to do and I tried out my american accent and Todd really like it so that was a bonus!
After lunch we had stage combat and this time we put together a combination of the moves we had learned to make up a fight scene! it was soooo much fun. My partner was victor and we came up with an amazing fight! it was acctually really hard work and I was proper tried after it but it was so much fun! Stage combat is defo one of my favourite classes! We then had voice class, we did our usual warm up and we then had to present our voice poems to the class. I had chosen a red red rose by Robert Burns. When I said the poem I was fine and then Sarah said have you got someone in mind and I said yes and then she said where are they and when I went to answer her I started to cry! it was really bizarre I didnt go up there to cry but when I thought about how long it was until I had been home and seen paul and my family I just got so emotional! Sarah wanted me to say the poem again with thinking about this person in mind so I did it but it was struggle and then she wanted me to say Ill be home soon! I never thought I would be able to cry like that but I did and now I know that if I need to cry I can! I felt like I had achieved something in that class and I felt proud of myself!
Thursday started off with commerical class and it was about tasting food and conveying the taste on camera! it was acctually quite hard but I managed it even though it took me about 4 trys! we had to pretend that we were eating chicken wings and our line was wow it tastes great! it was a bit cheesy but it was good fun! we then moved on to acting class and we had to present our scenes to Carol, we were all dreading this because the homework she had give us was so hard! I brought all my props but we ran out of time so we didnt get to do our scene! after lunch we had movement and we were just exploring the view points more and doing more group improvisations which are a litte confusing but are fun! Our last class was voice and we just watched the rest of the voice poems. On thursday night I had to read over a list of film terms for our taste on friday.
So improvisation on friday was a little difficult because we had to talk in jibberish in different accents, italian, japanese, swedish and french! I was kinda rubbish at this but I managed to get through it. In film and tv basics we get our test and realised that it is a joke and all the answers didnt really make sense! it was a little annoying because I read over all the terms! we then watched one flew over the coocoos nest! I had seen it before it was really good but a tad messed up! After lunch we had stage combat and we leanred how to roll then pull out a gun and shot! it was really fun because at the end flick our hair which was by far my favourite bit! then we learned how to throw someone into an object! This class sounds sinister but it so much fun!
We then headed to voice to find that we had to lead our own warm up which was interesting to see what I could remember and what I found most useful. Sarah then told us that we were going to Union square park to do poems which was a little daunting because the park was really busy and people were stopping to listen! Once class was over we all headed back to the dorms. Me mimi and cassy went out for dinner and we went to a place called five guys its a fast food shop with burgers and to be fair it was the best burger I have ever had in my life! then me and mimi got ready to out for drinks! Having a few drinks with people from my group was really nice!
Well its saturday and tonight Im heading out to see west side story! I'm really excited it should be a really good show!
well I better go and get ready!
speak to you all soon!

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