Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday 22nd June

When I woke up this morning I felt really strange because I thought I was in my room at home so it took me a few moments for me to remember where I was. As usual our water was cold and I couldnt have a proper shower! very annoying!
Once I had my made my amazing lunch for the day which was jam and peanut butter sandwhichs we set off. It was really overcast today but it was still very hot!
Improvisation was our first class this mornign and we played some interesting games, we played the dubbed movie game. This is when two people are in the middle and two at the side, the ones at the side do the speaking and the other two have to mime what they are saying. It was acctually really difficult to me the mime because you didnt know what was coming next and you had to make do with what the person gave you.
After improvisation we headed towards film and tv basics. Todd, our teacher, was away filming so we had rebecca which is our movement teacher. In this class just now we are all doing individual scenes and getting them filmed by a crew made up of the other class members. My scene isnt till thursday so my jobs were assistant camera so I had to put marks down at the cameras and anything else needed. I then had to be second team which is like stand ins for the main actors. This class felt a little long only because it wasnt my scene.
When then headed to lunch and chilled out for a little while.
It was then on to stage combat which contiued our fighting skills. I first of all learned how to backword roll which was an achievement in itself! then we went on to the slapping! I love it! what you do is you hit in a diagonal line above the person head going from low to high. We praticed this for a while then we moved onto strangels! which was soooo cool! then onto killing someone through stranling! which was a really werid feeling! but it looked soooo good!
It was then onto voice which was interesting because it was like everthing that we had been doing worked! and then we went onto opening our mouths by opening the top half our jaw instead of the bottom, it was hard and felt strange!
After class we headed for the subway. I came home did washing and cleaned the bathroom because it was bothering me a little! then had dinner.
I had to go to the pharamacy because I have bug bits that are really itchy but its all sorted I got some cream!
ok I need to go do some work before bed

Speak to you all soon!


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