Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday 17th June

Well today marks my fifth day into my New York experience. If I thought that yesterday was a struggle to get up today was even worse! but I managed it! but room is sooooo hot even though the air conditioner is on!
So we set off for the subway at the same time and make it to school with ten mintues to spare. My first class today was commerical basics. I never thought that this class would be a hard core emotional experience but it certainly was today. We were asked to think of a moment in our lives when something has changed us for the good or bad. Then we were to say the nursey rhyme hickey dickery dock with that moment in our in head like we were reliving it. I picked the moment that we reached the top of Mt Meru after all the struggles we went through. My telling of the rhyme was optimistic and relieved but others had really hard core stories to tell. Others were getting so upset and I felt awful for them and I could tell that the stories were awful sad. It was amazing to see after four days how open and trusting we all were in sharing our true emotions. This class was really tough, even though I personally didn't get up set I felt upset because of the other people in my class.

After our tough first class we went onto acting. I was really dreading this class because I still had to do my monolouge and I was scared what she was going to say about it. After I had done it I was standing there waiting in silence to what she was going to say. She said that she understood my intention, the person I was talking to, my wants. She also said that she noticed I used pitch, beat changes and speed in my speech. The only thing she struggled with was she didnt understand what I was saying because of my accent but she said that was her problem but all I had to do was pronounce my constants more and that should be easily sloved. I was really shocked at her reaction but I was pleased she had recongised the hard work I had put into it and also noticed that I had thought about my decisions. She also said that I was the only one who had made discoveries on my journey throught my monolouge and that she was really excited to work with my instrument. I felt so relieved at that point that she didn't tell me I was awful!! I am really looking forward to this class now and looking forward to seeing what new boundaries I can push my talents to.

After lunch we had movement. I look forward to this class because it is really fun and a chance to explore your own body. We had our warm up then we took part in a team game. The game was called 6,4,2. You were running round in a circle and without talking had to stop 6 times, change direction 4 times and jump in the air 2 times It was really difficult to make it look seemless and to not have one person leading. It was also really tiring because my group were running for ages!
This was demonstrate that team work is essential and that the eaisest things as individuals are harder as a group. We also learned nine viewpoints of movement, I'll go into details on them when I know them.

It was then onto voice class which involved more spinal roles relaxing our bodies and regulating our breathing. We also discussed what our diaphrams should look like when we are breathing in a relaxed state. I always feel so sleepy in this class and find it a real struggle to get through, not because I dont like it because we shut our eyes a lot to imagination situations and it makes me feel like I am going to fall asleep!

So after class was over I decided to go on a wonder by myself. I went over to bed bath and beyond to grab some cheap shampoo and stuff then I just wondered along 7th avenue. I met Liza so we just wondered together. We came across and dvd store that was selling them cheap so we bought two benjamin button and the invasion. Looking forward to watching them.

Right now I am sooo tried that I am going to head to bed! and then start all over tomorrow!
I also have a bus tour tomorrow with the school so that should be exciting! looking forward to that!

I hope you are all doing good!
Speak to you all soon!


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