Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Week of Class!

Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th July

As I woke up on Tuesday I realised that this was my last Tuesday in New York City and that this time next I would at home and have started back at work. That fact truly depressed me!
Anyway Cassy slept in our room last night because her air conditioner was broken and it was a very hot night! Walking to class from the subway I realised that it felt very hot and there is usually a change of temperature from down in the subway to up in street but that morning there was no difference.
To start our day we had improvisaition. We didnt get to play our usual came of whoosh! which I was extermley dissappointed about but we started off with a new thing. Three people went up, one was the person in the shop and the other two were customers. We were given what kind of shop it was then we did a scene. We had to do it again the exact same way but this time with a different emotion. It was rather interesting because we got given haunted so that was rather funny! We then headed to our next class which was film and Tv basics. This class we got to film a soap opera scene that our teacher had wrote. The scene was just basically making fun of soap operas with all the regularly cliches! So was a camera man! which was exciting! I got to zoom in and everything! so once we had filmed that Todd went onto give us words of advice and gave us a system on how we can be successful!
When I went outside for lunch was soooo hot that I walked just one block and I was sweating a ridiclous amount! We then checked the interent and it was 102 degrees! I was like thank god for air conditioning We had stage combat after lunch! and we just came up with a new fight with a different partner. My partner wasnt feeling very well so we didnt do it full out which was a little gutting but it couldnt be helped! Then onto voice and we started work on shakespeare!
Once we got back to the dorms I got changed and headed off the the gym! I felt so much better afterwards!
Today we started off with commerical class, we had to work on this toothpaste script which was interesting and very wordy but I think everyone got it in the end! It was then onto acting which I was dreading because I really didnt want our scene to get ripped apart so we get up and our teacher wanted us to improv the first part before we started our lines. So Im doing it and then I find myself that Im crying, it was really strange! and then the scene just came out much easier. Our teacher really liked our work and said that my why and fact sheet for my character was excellant! so after it I felt much better and relieved that she liked it!
After lunch we headed to movement to practice our viewpoints for our test on friday. So it was good just to practice before we get graded on friday. We then moved onto voice and worked more on language in shakespeare. Tonight I just headed to the gym and watched some tv!
so I only have three days left here and that does make me sad but I am ready to come home!
Speak to you all soon!


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