Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Weekend in NYC!

Hello everyone!,
well here I am writing up the events of my last weekend in the awesome place that is the big apple!
Saturday was when I was determinded to see West Side Story! so I got up after having a very long lie in and made my way into manhattan! I just went straight to the theatre and got a ticket for $45 so I was happy and really looking forward to the show! I then came back to the dorms and got ready and then me and Sasha headed out for the show! Sasha was determinded she was a McDonalds so we went to the one in Times Square. I felt proper american after eating it and slightly fatter! It funny because when we were eating there was a guy asleep at the table next to us but he was dressed up as Micheal Jackson and I all I could think was he isnt dead he is just taking a nap in McDonalds!
We go to the theatre and climbing hundreds of stairs to get to our seat! it was really high up and steep so I didnt really like peering over the egde! but you could see everything on the stage so I wasnt bothered at all! The dancing in the show was amazing! it was very much like the film and used moves form it. I thought that guy that played tony had an amazing voice! he sang with no effort! I did like the Maria but I do think she could have acted a little better and spoke louder! even with a mic I could hardly hear her! But when the whole cast came together in the gym hall scene, which is my favourite, it was electric! the stage just came alive!
This show is definitly one of my favourite musicals in the classic catergory! I could see a lot of stage combat in the rumble and I was like I can do that! and that!
After the show I just came back to the dorms and watched a film on tv and headed to bed!
On sunday it was 4th of july so not a lot of things were open but I didnt really have any plans but me and Liza decided to go to Forever 21 and do some shopping! I freaking love that shop! I think we spent about two hours in there! then we just headed home! we went down the promenade to watch the fireworks but it turns out they were on the other side of the island so we couldnt see them! I was gutted! I was like noooooooo! Ive never experienced indepenance day before!
After that I just went back to the room and went to sleep! it was so hot over the weekend and it just seemed to knock the life out of me!
On monday me, mimi and cassy headed to Coney Island! This time is was quiet and we could get right down the beach this time! I felt that it was much hotter so I was suffereing a little bit! After spending some time there we headed back. We made a stop at bath and body works so I could pick a present! We had Monday off school because it was a holiday weekend! It felt really strange because I kept thinking that the Tuesday was a Monday totally confused me!
So that was my last weekend in NYC! I am gutted that I will be going home and leaving this amazing city behind but I am looking forward to coming back to normal things like food I know, Money I know and most importantly my bed! The one I have here is very uncomfortable! Just cant wait to see some familar and loving faces!
Speak to you all soon!

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