Saturday, July 10, 2010

Leaving NYC

10th July

Well right now I am sitting in Newark airport waiting to board the plane that is taking me home! Yesterday I had a lot of mixed emotions part of me wanted to stay because I have met amazing and talented people here but the other part just wants to see my family and Paul. We had some final assessements in our classes and the commerical one was a little difficult. We had to do this toothpaste commerical and read it off of a cue card I think I did ok but I dont think I would have booked the commerical. In acting we had to do our scene, I don't think Carol like us much that time. I just got a feeling that she thought the scene was stale and boring but I did everything she asked of me and hopefully it changed my performance. After lunch we had movement and we had to do our final viewpoint session. I love doing these and I find it such a rewarding experience. We then had voice and had to perform our mr suess poem and our romeo and juliet scene. Im so shocked I got through the grip top sock poem because for the whole of thursday night it just wouldnt stay in my head! it very annoying but it came out better than I expected and I suprised myself with it. After class we headed down for the harbour cruise! the cruise was good but I just kept thinking noooo! after this I have to say goodbye to people. So we were on the subway going back to the dorms and victor had to get off at a different stop because he doesnt stay in the dorms so we all say goodbye then he jumps off the train! I just felt devasted! it was such a horrible feeling! We get back to the dorms and Liza is all packed up ready to go! and I was like I cant deal with this! but she wasnt leaving until 4am so I decided to start packing then have some sleep and walk with her and Cassy round to subway. I wish I hadnt done this! I really hate saying goodbye! The tears had started and I couldnt stop them. So we headed back to the dorms and went for a small amount of sleep before I woke up and told more people from my room goodbye! I was getting better I tried cry this time so I managed to pull it together! I went up and finished packing up the room and cleaned the bathroom. Me and alton were leaving at 12pm for the airport because we were taking the train to Newark so Im doing in lobby with all my stuff and now I have to say goodbye to maria, matt and mimi. I had got the subway every morning with these people and mimi was the first person I met here. It was super tough, Mimi just brust into tears and I couldnt hold it in anymore! I couldnt believe that in the short space of a month I had grown so attached to these people and I am truly going miss every single one of them!
This experience has been truly amazing, I have met new friends that I know I will keep in touch with. I know that within this short month my skills have improved and changed for the better and I am still suprised that I managed to live in New York for a month! That is an achievement in itself! Well I better hurry up and finish this because my battery is going to run out!
Goodbye New York City! You truly are a delicious apple!
Thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey! I will never forget any of you!
Thanks to everyone who had read my story! I hope you enjoyed it!

Good luck everyone!


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