Tuesday, August 13, 2013


As everyone knows I really want to be an actor, so for that to work I need an agent........

So the fact that I don't have one has been playing on my mind for about four years and I have desperately tried to get one but one question always arises when I am talking to a representative

"What was your first professional job?"

Which I then reply after a sigh "I haven't had one yet"

which leaves them on the phone thinking this girl is wasting her time here just give up and go and get a crappy normal job like everyone else, oh wait a minute I already have that ( words Green and saving you money everyday covers that)

How do they expect you to have professional experience if you don't  have an agent????
Most castings are closed ones and extremely difficult to get so I am at a complete loss.

Why can't you just have talent and passion???? I believe I have both of those things with a massive measure of enthusiasm thrown in. Deflated, one word for how I feel about this.

To help my situation I have signed up to Casting Call Pro something I thought I wouldn't have been able to get since I didn't go to a "Registered Drama School"  but to my surprise it accepted my application, I will use this for a month and see if it at least gets me a show reel. Right now I don't really want money I just want experience and the chance to perform and find my true self again.

This industry just frustrates me, half the people in it are talentless and just there because of luck and chance. I don't want to leave my career up to chance, I am going to take control. I don't care if the only thing I get out of this is a chorus member in crap local pantomime or a walk on part in a film or a TV programme at least if I get that I can say I was a professional actor.

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